Volpato plinth strips

  • 5th July, 2020
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A kitchen plinth strip is a strip of a certain width, the main purpose of which is to close the gap formed between the floor and a kitchen cabinet. It can be made of various materials (chipboard, plastic, aluminum) and differ in the type of protective and decorative coating, which allows you to choose a suitable solution for a kitchen of almost any design. The technical feature of the kitchen plinth is the presence of a seal, which ensures a tight abutment of the strip to the attachment points, thereby preventing the penetration of dust and moisture into the interior.

We offer VOLPATO kitchen plinths in various universal colors, among which there are unique decors - cashmere gray, lava gray, onyx gray, which perfectly match the new collection of laminated chipboard by Egger and other manufacturers of panel materials. Now each client can easily choose a plinth decor for the desired interior style.