Trade Sky s.r.o is a holding within a group of companies, whose main line of business is external economic and investment activities that contribute to the development of the European furniture market. We invest in the development of new products creating our own brands and are constantly expanding the geography of our presence.

In order to increase the efficiency of the group and its business, we are implementing high standards in the activities of our companies: corporate, brand, communication, sales, procurement standards, etc. We oversee their performance at all stages and in all processes making the business successful!

Realizing that a sustainable future depends on each of us, we find opportunities every day to change the world around us for the better. As a reliable and responsible organization on the market, we offer effective solutions for the development of the business for our partners and make a contribution to our common sustainable and happy future.


Representatives that are part of the holding:

  • “Import” (Ukraine);
  • DOMINI (Kazakhstan).

Trade Sky s.r.o intellectual assets include the following private brands: GIFF, GIFF PRIME, VIRNO, ALVA - furniture fittings, DOMINI - ready-made furniture, SLIDER - sliding systems, FASART - furniture facades, KRONAS - furniture components.

Our partners are large international furniture companies such as Egger, Hettich, Rehau, Gamet, HOMAG, etc.


Maintaining long-term value for our clients/partners, building the financial stability of a group of companies, developing and supporting areas related to the furniture industry, innovations in the field of furniture components and technologies.