New GIFF PRIME Clip-on hinges without a spring

  • 31st December, 2021
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Easy push to open? Yes, it is possible!

Introducing a new addition to our range - GIFF PRIME Clip-on loops without spring and pusher!

This is the perfect pair for furniture without handles!

GIFF PRIME hinges are a series of modern hinges that combine European design and advanced technology:

  • Equipped with a Clip-on quick mounting system and an eccentric on the shoulders, the hinges ensure their quick installation and fine adjustment of the facade.
  • Caps on the shoulder and cup of the hinge give it a sleek, modern look, while the 37mm diameter flange covers the hole size completely. Your furniture will look perfect, even inside.
  • Reinforced mounting plate with four holes for mounting heavy fronts. Mounting plate. universal, suitable for all GIFF PRIME hinges.
  • Each hinge is packed in an individual package, which contains the necessary technical information.
  • If the facade is opened twice a day, the hinge will work for 65 years, which corresponds to 100 thousand opening cycles.