New! GIFF PRIME Cabinet holders

  • 20th November, 2020
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We are glad to present you another novelty in the furniture fittings line - stylish and reliable GIFF PRIME cabinet holders.

Their main characteristic is that they can withstand 100 kg of load per pair and are available for order in two colors: white and gray.

Advantages of fixing wall cabinets with cabinet holders:

  • Ability to install cabinets without help. All work is carried out in two stages: installing a metal strip on the wall and hanging a module on it. You do not need to feel for the screws in the wall to get a hole in the hat.
  • Ability to adjust any position of the cabinet. At the same time, you do not need to hold or remove the module.
  • The hanging cabinet for the kitchen becomes more reliable. The fastening allows you to fix a single fastening strip (mounting plate) on the wall, even if 2-3 self-tapping screws are loosened, others will hold the structure.
  • Hanging kitchen cabinet can be installed directly on the wall on a kitchen backsplash. This is possible thanks to the retractable fastening hook, which allows the module to be hung at a distance of 1.5-2.0 cm from the wall.