GIFF proximity switches

  • 1st September, 2021
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We present a novelty in our range - GIFF proximity switches. Proximity switches are devices that make life easier! With their help, you can control the light without touching in the working area in the kitchen, living room, dressing room, bathroom, and other rooms.

Main types:

  • sensory (work from light touch)
  • optical (work with a wave of the hand)
  • motion sensors (turn on at the slightest movement in the room)

Advantages of proximity switches:

  • Saving energy
  • No moving mechanical parts that wear out quickly
  • Noiselessness
  • Various operating principles expand the scope of use of switchers

General characteristics:

  • Manufactured in accordance with CE / RoHS requirements (this means that the product is safe for the body: during its operation, no harmful substances are emitted, and its sale is allowed in the EU)
  • Soldering quality - all elements are installed and soldered at the factory, which excludes oxidation of contacts and increases the life of this sensor.
  • All elements are located on top of the printed circuit board, that is, a one-sided SMD PCB mounting technology is used. The bottom base is flat and smooth for safe installation on the surface of the aluminum profile.
  • IMPORTANT: when the power source is suddenly turned off (emergency shutdown of the light in the room), the electronic keys operate in the "off" position, that is, turn off. When the power supply is restored, all proximity switches remain in their original off state.
  • Recommended for operation at room temperature, exclude direct sunlight. The range of short-term temperatures for the materials used is -20 to +50. But at extremely low or very high temperatures, there may be instability in operation.