Expansion of the collection of dryers and columns Inoxa Ellite

  • 1st November, 2021
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Inoxa is an Italian brand with 30 years of experience in producing the finest kitchen accessories. Introducing the expansion of the line of Inoxa Ellite columns and dish dryers:

  • Mesh containers are the best solution for storing kitchen utensils.
  • Pull-out shelves, dish drainers, rational angles, and retracable columns will help you use every centimeter of kitchen furniture, even hard-to-reach corners and unused free space.

Advantages of INOXA ELLITE kitchen accessories:

  • Innovative design: new rod shape - oval
  • Color: traditional chrome, trendy titanium
  • Bottom of baskets - HPL plastic, which is highly resistant to temperature, mechanical and physical stress, used in places with increased intensity of use and load, frequent contact with water and chemicals
  • Do not obstruct the view of the content
  • Allows the correct use of the interior space of the furniture
  • Easy to clean
  • Complete with flush-mounted full extension runners with GRASS door closer
  • Front adjustment in 3 planes
  • Load: columns - up to 120 kg

Inoxa Ellite is a combination of functionality, quality and aesthetic design.